Monday, March 31, 2008

my youth group

My youth group is a mix of home school and private school kids . We are a God fearing youth, we worship God, we study his word and we play basketball (one of my favorite sports). We have about twenty-five people in our group. For a little while we were visiting a nursing home and witnessing to the people that live there. We also do such activities as go to an outdoor learning center for a Christmas celebration every year. Even though it is a rather small youth group it has a good atmosphere and I hope it never changes.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Hedge of protection

(Tim hawkins Christian comedian)

Commanded to respect

It isn't easy when kids around you think it isn't cool to be respectful to adults, like when you address them as sir or ma'am. Every one has gotten so used to the typical disrespectful teenager that we've forgotten that teens are commanded by God to respect our elders and obey them. If our generation would do this we would make the world much more pleasant to live in.The fact that teenagers think they're the center of the universe is absurd and every one has bought into it, I mean a respectful teenager is so rare even most Christians are surprised to see one, that's how low the expectations are of teenagers these days.