Monday, December 22, 2008

A King is Born

About two thousand and nine years ago a King was born in a place where dirt and the smell of animals was abundant. In the cold of winter with no way of keeping warm except a small blanket, he came into this world. This King is not King of just a country or even the entire world, this is a King who rules over everything, what we can see and what we cannot see, physical and spiritual. You know of whom I am talking about, it is Jesus.
But why a stable? Why would the God of such glory that we cannot even imagine, choose to enter this world through such a lowly place? Why not a palace? Or even just a normal house? God is not a God of earthly wealth or of earthly palaces. He is not interested in these things, he is interested in the only thing that is of real worth, himself. God did not choose to be born in an earthly palace because to him they are of no more worth to him than the stable. He is worth far more than any palace, therefore he chose not to show his greatness through wealth or huge palaces, he chose to show his greatness and worth by himself, for everything else fades away compared to him.

There are two reasons a king gathers riches for himself. One, for pleasure, two, to show his power and his greatness. God did not come to this world to enjoy it's pleasures, and does not need it's wealth to show his power, he is great in himself.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pro Life Petitions

December 10(tomorrow), Pro-Life groups are presenting their petitions to end abortion, help in this cause to save innocent lives and click here to sign the petition. It will take only a second.

Thank you!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Quick Thank You, and a Prayer Request

I've been thinking about the last nine months I've been blogging, and how it has been so beneficial to my soul in many ways. The main reason being the way you guys have encouraged, exhorted and even once or twice corrected me. I thank God for you, it's been a blessing having you pray for me when I ask, and taking the time to spur me on to good works.

Now I'd like to ask you to pray for me and my family, my dad is about to leave for Iraq for a job he got there. He'll be gone for about a year, maybe getting to visit us once. I realize this is going to be hard, and I am asking God to help us through this time.
I regret I cannot give any further info on what my dad will be doing there for his job.

Merry Christmas!