Friday, October 24, 2008

"Job: When the Righteous Suffer"

I just got back from the conference "Job: When the Righteous Suffer", it was awesome! John Piper was the only speaker, but he did a very good job.

Here are some things that I learned while I was there.

Satan has two weapens which he atempts to destroy our faith with. They are, suffering and prosperity (In America he usually uses the latter). When he uses suffering it will do one of two things, either it will bring us closer to God or it will push us further away from God. Ofcourse, Satan always wants us to move further away from God.
Job's friends tried to tell him that the reason for his suffering was that he had great sin, that since he was suffering greatly, therefore he must be sinning greatly. But obviously this is not true. God has many different reasons for our suffering. Everything that has ever happened in history God had not just one reason for, but many reasons. But he does not always reveal them all to us.
The bible gives all the answers we need for our suffering, but not always all the answers we want.
- John Piper

We need to be content with what God does reveal to us, it is the only way we will be content with what we are going through, whether it be suffering or not.


Charlie said...

Nice post, Connor. Remind me sometime to talk to you about Job.

Caleb Nathaniel said...

Sounds like a great conference. When was it?