Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What to do?

Well, I've come to a conclusion for my blog, It's time for something new. I've been thinking about doing a few different things. I'm asking you to help me decide what to do by voting in the poll on the sidebar. Here are the options:

1. Move to wordpress

2. Shut down this blog and only post at TSA(Teens Set Apart).

3. Create a whole new website

4. take no action


Margaret Neufeld said...

Pray and follow God's leading. Change is good but not always necessary.

Caleb said...

Man! Right when I start following the blog it shuts down! :( I vote either make a website or move to wordpress. But isnt wordpress just another form of blogging?

Caleb Nathaniel said...

What is wordpress?

Life Savior said...

Do not do 2 or 3. :)

Life Savior said...

No wait! I mean 2 or 4, I'm actually in favor of 3! :)

Even I make mistakes.

Charlie said...

Is there an advantage to moving to Wordpress?

all for Jesus said...

I vote number 4. I also agree with Margaret.

cj said...

Caleb(both of you) and Charlie, "Wordpress" is another form of blogging, "Blogger" is good for when your just starting out. "Wordpress" is a little harder to use but it offers a lot more options.

Thanks margaret for that good advice, praying is always a good idea.

Also, thank you everyone for your help:)

Eric said...

1) totally man!

I'll get around to doing that tag soon :P


DTH Rocket said...

Why do you think you need you need to do something new? I think creating a whole new website is a cool idea, but what made you decide you want to do something different with your blog?

Sharon said...

Maybe you can combine 1 and 3 - move this blog to Wordpress I don't know. I like how it looks now.

Penn Tomassetti said...

Hi CJ, I am giving you a tagger thing, but it isn't the Bible tagger, it is a real tag this time. It is about sharing six things you learned this year. I don't know if you did this one already, so here it is. thanks,

Anonymous said...

Hello Connor, Mrs. Dodson here,

I'm not sure I can offer sound advice for your problem. I'm not sure what it is you're wanting to do differently.

If it is blog related, a few years ago I switched from blogger to typepad and have not regretted it. I feel that Typepad has more flexibilty but still 'drag and drop' for the computer challenged.

If it is time usage, then pray about how you are using your time, talk to M&D and see what they have to say on the matter.

If you are wanting to reach a wider audience, the TSA site ? may not be a good choice simply because us old folks may not go over there...and I like reading what you write. It gives me hope for my boys, that someday the Lord will use them to affect others for His good.

I have heard Wordpress is more techincal (I think) but if you're up to a good challenge, that might be the avenue for you.

All in all---pray and seek wise counsel from the folks. ;o) (Leave it to a mom to say that.)