Monday, March 14, 2011

A Brief Update

If you have read my last post, "Jump Starting Meek Not Weak," you already know that I have decided to re-enter the blogoshpere, and am attempting to pick up where I left off with Meek Not Weak. So I thought I'd give give you a quick update on the things that have been going on in the past two years of my life. To keep it simple, here is a list of the major things that have happened since I left.

- I started private school(Lifegate Christian High school) during the winter of last year.

- My dad will be coming home from Iraq in the summer(kind of an update for the future really).

- I am currently involved in a program called NASA HAS(High school aerospace scholars), I'm hoping this will help propel me into the field of aerospace engineering.

That's really all the important things that have happened since I utterly abandoned this blog. So until next time, I bid you all adieu!



DTH Rocket said...

Aerospace engineering is where it's at! :)

Anonymous said...

So CJ is aerospace engineering what you wish to be able to do for a living one of these days?