Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bob Kauflin on Truth and Music

Here's a great video of Bob Kauflin on Truth and Music. Enjoy!

I love this guy.


Erik B. said...

That is a good video. I think he has a balanced, objective, and accurate viewpoint. He explained the way I have felt at times regarding some of the contemporary Christian music.

Thank you for the encouragement and for coming by my site. Have a good day!

I am going to add your site to my blogroll.

DTH Rocket said...

Sometimes it seems to me that the music is distracting to the truth in a song. I usually don't like it when they try to jazz up an old hymn to make it more appealing to the modern day youth. I feel the song loses something. This guy is right on!

Margaret Neufeld said...

Amen. Somebody just put into words what I've been feeling for a long time. Thanks for sharing.

Charlie said...

I think new developement in worship music is good, as long as it doesn't distract from the message. It takes a good musician to write a song where the music seems to perfectly fit the lyrics. If the style, key, and tempo of a song doesn't fit the lyrics, it will make the message seem insignificant or irrelevant. I think we will always be searching for a better song to describe scripture, and when we find one, those songs will will last a long time.

Eric said...

He has a great message. I haven't heard him sing at all but man can he speak. ;)

RYC: Thanks for posting the video!


Margaret Neufeld said...

It's almost strange. I've been thinking about this video all week. I'm seeing the truth in "truth transcends tunes." Thanks for posting these videos, CJ.