Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More on Serving

"And if anyone forces you to go one mile , go with him two miles." -Matthew 5:41

What does going the extra mile mean? It means that we shouldn't just do what is expected of us, we should willingly do it to our fullest potentiel, we should seek to do more. Notice I said "Seek" and "Willingly," we should "Willingly" "Seek" for the oppurtunity to serve more, and then "Willingly" do it.

"Do all things without Grumbling or questioning." -Philippians 2:14

Here, God is telling us not only to serve and go the extra mile, but to do so without "Grumbling or Questioning." A true servant serves without complaining, he does not question and does not grumble. Jesus was the ultimate servant, never did he complain to God about anything. The Bible calls us to imitate this, to strive to serve like Jesus did. As you probably already know, serving like he did is so hard it is impossible, we will never be perfect, so therefore we will never be able to serve just as Jesus did. But does this mean we give up? No! God never told us it was going to be easy. But he did tell us to serve as much as we possibly can, he has told us to "Do Hard Things!"

"The servant of Christ finds his honour in the service itself." -C.H. Spurgeon


Also, please be in prayer for victims of hurricanes this year.


Margaret Neufeld said...

I'm also learning to serve willingly and without complaining, and it's anything but easy. But nobody said it was going to happen overnight.


Erik B. said...

Amen. It is so easy to do the right actions with the wrong attitudes. My parents encourage us to serve with "a good attitude". I can't imagine God rewarding servants who serve with bad attitudes.

Keep the good posts coming.

Caleb Nathaniel said...

Colossions 3:23 "Whatever you do work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men."

I've been dealing with serving in small areas a lot in the past year. The verse above is something I would try and say to myself every time I wasn't working willingly.

I'll definitely be praying.

~Caleb <><

Eric said...

Hmm. There is a quote by Roger Stanucach that I once heard. "There are no traffic jams along the extra mile" That is because most people don't even go the extra mile!

That shows you God's level of perfectionism. He not only wants us to go the extra mile, but to do it without complaining and do it in his name.

Dude, aren't you in TX? Did the hurricanes miss you?


cj said...

Yes, it missed us(Praise the Lord!), we live in "San Antonio."

However, we have some freinds who had to evacuate their home, they are staying right next door to us until they can go back.


Kaleb said...

Hey guys,
would you pray for my dad he is doing clean up work in Houston Tx. He says that the damage there is pretty bad.

My dad also hopes to minister to the people there who have lost everything.

Your Brother in Christ