Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fight for truth

Is there an absolute truth? This is something that is widely debated in our country. Our public school system would like us to believe that there is not, they want us to believe that everything is relevant, that truth is just whatever you want it to be. They don't want us imposing our beliefs on them, yet they impose their beliefs that there is no absolute truth on us. Their excuse is that absolute truth is offensive to people, when there are more people hurt by this belief than helped. One hundred years ago an idea like this would be unheard of, because of course there is an absolute truth. If there is no truth people can do whatever they want(including murder,theft and any other crime). There is no higher law to tell them not to. People without law to govern them create more harm and chaos than the "so-called "offenses of absolute truth. This belief is destroying our country. 'Jesus said, I am the way the truth and the life'(John 14:6), That's why we need to stand up and fight for truth.

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