Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where to find Joy

Many people chase after joy their whole lives, few find it. The ones who do find it, find it in Jesus. Many people think they've found joy but what they've found is not joy but a false happiness. You find false happiness in material objects, the happiness lasts a little while but then it vanishes, leaving you empty again. The only place to find true joy is in Jesus, in any other place it is false. False happiness looks like joy until you get it, then you realize it is false. Sometimes people refer to the wrong kind of joy as the American dream. The American dream is a myth, no one has ever found true joy in living the American dream. They think they've found it because our culture has persuaded them into thinking that material objects will make them happy, but they never do. This does not mean they we cannot enjoy the many gifts that God gives us, such as family, friends ,a beautiful day, etc. We do find joy in these gifts, but should these gifts and benefits go away, our ultimate joy should still be in the giver, Jesus.

Where are you finding your joy today?


Life Savior said...

Great post! just wanted to say that people will fill their lives with matirial things becuase they are missing that joy that can only be found in Jesus Christ our savior!


P.S. Cool Picture!

cj said...

Kole- I couldn't agree more.

P.S. Thats so cool that you got your pic on the Rebelution!

Alyssa C. said...


True joy can only be found in the Lord. :)

God bless!

Caleb said...

That was really well said. It was a good reminder, that we should be reminded of every day. Good job CJ!

-Caleb Nathaniel and Naomi Joy

cj said...

Hey Caleb! Good to hear from you.

Life Savior said...

Only Christ satisfies, and only in Him do we fing true joy, nice!

Maria Pauline said...

Why do you think joy is a fruit of the Spirit? Thanks CJ