Saturday, April 19, 2008

Chapter two, What Jesus Demands from the World

Repentance has two signs of actual existence in one's heart, the first is a change of mind. A change of mind does not mean that one has an awesome new behavior although a new behavior is a result of true repentance, a change of mind means that a person is in complete awareness of his or her sin. Jesus said that he came to save the sinners not the righteous, everyone is a sinner so what he meant by 'righteous' are those who are to proud to admit they are sinners. God saves all who humble themselves and and admit they are in need of a savior because of their sin. That is what a change of mind is. The second sign is fruit bearing(good works)this a result as well as a sign, it also follows a change of mind. For if one has humbled oneself and admits they are a sinner then they will begin to strive to to sin less and to bear more and more fruit. Sin is not only harmful to oneself and others , it is an assault against God and when one truly repents it grieves them when they sin, and each time we repent God welcomes us back with open arms. Repentance is not a once in a life time thing, it is continual. We must constantly repent of our sin, for if we only have to repent once then we would be free to sin and then eventually there would no fruit in our lives at all. Repentance is essential to obtain eternal life, but this command to repent is also an offer given to us by a gracious God and it includes everyone, this command and offer comes to us so that we may proclaim it and to continue to proclaim it to all the earth.

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