Wednesday, April 2, 2008

brothers and sisters

I love my brothers and sisters, and to our society that's weird, because in a normal American family kids think younger siblings are annoying and older siblings are bossy. So I'm reading this great book 'Making brothers and sisters best friends' by Sarah, Stephen,and Grace Mally, it's really helping me to view my siblings as friends that I can establish great relations with. If you see them as the last person you'd want to hang out with you have the wrong perspective. Your brothers and/or sisters should be the people you're pursuing friendship with the most, after all they are the ones you're going to know the rest of your life anyway. As adults relationships with our siblings will be a lot easier if we work on being our brothers and/or sisters best friend. Besides you may have to deal with all their faults, but they have to deal with yours too.

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K.s.b. said...

I could not say it better myself. good Job on the blog K.S.B.