Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chapter three, What Jesus Demands from the World, by John Piper

Jesus' third demand is that we come to him. When a person is born again he /she starts to view Jesus as the center of there lives , instead of other pleasures that the world offers. But a lot of people view Christianity as just another religion with a lot of rules to bear as a burden. No, Jesus didn't come to bestow a heavier burden on us , he came to lift the burden of sin off of us. Jesus doesn't give us burdens that will crush us he gives us tasks that we can handle, so that we may gain strength in our faith. Once a person experiences the change within Jesus gives us greater and greater tasks as we grow in our faith and we don't have to bear the burden of sin because he has lifted it by giving his life for us and in return we must be willing to lose our life for him. He demands us to come to him so that he may lift our burdens and replace them with a lighter load. But the lighter load that is given to us is not a physically light load, I mean, he doesn't give us health, wealth and no persecution, although sometimes he gives us these as blessings. Jesus said that the way to eternal life is hard and narrow and that you will go through tribulation. Christians want enjoy him but this world is a hard place to do that.

Jesus said that he longs for the day when he could gather his children like a hen gathers her brood but they were not willing. He weeps for those who do not come and grieves for those who do not accept his offer of eternal life.His offer is for all , yet some do not come. Piper states ''in other words people do not want to come. some call this the choice of free will Jesus would probably say it is the choice of a will enslaved to sin.'' If we are spiritually dead how do we come? John 6:44 '' no one can come to me unless the father who sent me draws him."

What are some ways you are enjoying Jesus in your life?
Do you ever struggle in enjoying the world, so that it is hard to enjoy Jesus?


Margaret Neufeld said...

Thanks for stopping by. Jesus didn't promise us all flowers and sunshine but we have His promise that He will never leave us nor forsake us.

Margaret Neufeld said...

How is this book? I'm listening to one of his sermons right now.

cj said...

It's great, it's opened my eyes to so many things that I've never thought of before. I highly recommend it. -cj