Friday, April 25, 2008

Praise him for everything!

God is not a genie in a lamp that we can use for our purposes, he is a divine God who should be treated with all respect. I tend to pray only when I'm in trouble or when I want something and I ask myself do I thank God enough for what he has given me, or am I so distracted with what I need or want. God doesn't just want us to come to him with our needs he also wants our praise. But don't give him praise just for something you wanted, praise him for everything!

Do you have any praises to bring to God?


Margaret Neufeld said...

For good health!

Life Savior said...

Cj: I am going to ask the other guys on our blog to be able to put a link from our blog to yours. We were concerned that some of our friends would want there personal blogs on it. We only want completely spiutal blogs.


Alyssa C. said...

Thanks for the reminder, I too, tend to go to God only when I need His help.

And yes, I have a lot to praise Him for! Right now, I am just full of gratitude to Him for adding another year to my life. :)

God bless you!